Where We Are, Compared to Where We Were

In 2011, Matt campaigned on several issues for his seat on the City Council. Since that time, City Government has made great strides in a positive direction for our community. See below for previous campaign issues, and compare where we were to where we are today.

Improved & Affordable Quality of Life


Making Jeffersonville a community where young families would want to spread roots and build a home was one of Matt's top motivations for getting involved in public office. As a member of the Jeffersonville Parks Board, Matt played a role in the re-vamping of Vissing Park and also the creation of the Woehrle Athletic Complex. Both multi-million dollar projects were complete without the need for any tax increase and without putting the tax payers on the hook for a long-term debt obligation. In fact, the Jeffersonville Parks Department currently opporates without any debt obligations at all! 

But Matt also realizes that quality of life is more than parks and programming. Through his position on the Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission, Matt spends a lot of time working behind the scenes with small business owners who are looking to start or expand their businesses in Jeffersonville. From the East End, to Veteran's Parkway, all the way to Downtown: Matt is encouraged and excited for all the new local development that has come, and is yet to come to our City.

Drawing Back on Unnecessary Spending


Matt has kept a consistent record of working to keep government spending under control. In addition to working firsthand with city department heads to keep the annual budget under control, Matt is the only sitting Councilmember to offer real legislation to eliminate inefficient government functions to save tax dollars. When others worried about political blowback, Matt led the way for local legislation has saved  Jeffersonville taxpayers more than $2 million over the last four years.

Improved Communication & Transparency


In previous years, it wasn't uncommon for local residents to find out about a City project only after the start of construction. As the Vice-President of Parks and Recreation, Matt made sure that local feedback was obtained BEFORE putting projects such as the Woehrle Sprots Complex out to bid. Matt respects the property rights and wishes of neighbors who surround areas where new development may be taking hold.


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