Priorities for the Future

Looking to the future of Southern Indiana, Matt is laser focused on key initiatives that will help continue to drive job creation and public safety for our community.

Continued Job Growth Through Workforce Development
A recurring goal for public leaders on all levels is to attract good-paying jobs. Matt feels his top priority in need of attention is that of workforce development. The local Chamber of Commerce (One Southern Indiana) repeatedly reports the number one obstacle of bringing high-paying jobs to Southern Indiana is an under-skilled workforce. Matt's goal is to reach out to other local leaders in business, industry, and education to help bridge the gap, ensuring we have the ability to meet the growing demand for a skilled workforce. Pursuing good public policy to lift the barriers to education and job training will be a top priority. 
Continued improvement to local Infrastructure
We are finally seeing the end-result of all the construction of our 10th Street Corridor! With a May/June completion date for 10th Street, and a November/December completion date for Holman Lane, Matt is excited to be able to drive without orange traffic cones for a while. Matt believes with current and future residential growth, the City needs to be prepared for increased annual re-paving efforts of existing City streets, as well as the widening of our main residential arteries such as Charlestown Pike. 
But our infrastructure-needs are more than just in our roads and streets. Adressing cumbling (or sometimes missing) sidewalks, as well as adressing long-standing flooding concerns are also at the top of the priority list for Matt. As a member of the City Council, Matt has consistently voted in support of flood relief in areas of the City where problems have gone unaddressed for too long. Projects such as the drainage mitigation project in the Cherry Hill neighborhood have been accelerated with dollars invested from our local income tax, while other areas such as the Golf View neighborhood will soon see the effects of flood-mitiagtion projects upstream. Downtown areas are being serviced in a combination of ways that include partnerships between the City Sewer Utility, the Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission, and even the Town of Clarksville! 
Less Spending, Lower Taxes


Matt bought his first home at a young age on a single income, and as a home owner he realizes the strain of higher property taxes. On the City Council, Matt has been committed to balanced budgets and cutting unnecessary spending. Did you know that the City's property tax rate has actually gone down over the last five years? Factors such as property value and taxes levied by other units (ie. School taxes, County taxes, etc.) may be climbing higher, but the Jeffersonville City Council has been committed to doing whatever possible to responsibly manage our budgets without the need for tax increases. Matt pledges to continue to approach the City's budget with the same attitude of putting taxpayers ahead of government inefficiencies.


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